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Psychotherapy and Coaching

"Michelle cultivates a loving, gentle, and warm practice. She offers unique skills to create a nourishing space to deepen and gain more awareness. Her authentic heart-centered and holistic approach creates a warm space for self discovery and acceptance."

-A.G., Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, MA, LPCC

"I'm not sure how to write a review for Michelle that doesn't look like I'm completely obsessed with her, but let me try.


I started therapy with Michelle in June of 2021 for what I thought was grief from my mom's semi recent passing.  Little did I know, my unmanaged anxiety and depression had me very close to ending everything on my end.  Michelle helped me through that.  She helped me identify the root cause of what my anxiety and depression triggers were, and taught me coping mechanisms to handle them in the real world.  She taught me how to communicate my needs.  She taught me to believe in myself.  She taught me to always stand up for what I deserve in my personal life.  


I have been meeting weekly with Michelle since we met, and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  Some days when I think I don't need therapy, Michelle is able to help guide me to childhood triggers that allow me to grant myself the peace and forgiveness I need, and those end up being some of the best sessions.  Her therapy approach enables absolutely zero judgment by being body positive, tarot and astrology focused (some of my favorites), discussion on alternative depression treatments and her overall energy; really allows me to be authentically me during each session and helps me get the most out of every week.


I can't imagine not having Michelle as my therapist as I continue to evolve as a human, and am so thankful for all she has done for me (even though she will say it was me who put the work in, I couldn't have done it without her guidance)."


"I worked with Michelle for 6+ months and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking professional therapy, wellness consultation, or an overall improved peace of mind. During a significant low point in my personal life, Michelle patiently worked with me to navigate and identify improvements to my well-being. Throughout this time period I never felt judged nor looked down upon regardless of what I shared. Michelle was eager to understand my perspective, ask questions, and work towards the root cause of issues I was facing. She knew when to attentively listen and when to intervene with questions. I also appreciated that Michelle provided actionable steps for me to take after each session. This left me feeling empowered to seek measurable improvements until we next met. Should I seek further therapy in the future, I certainly plan on continuing my sessions with Michelle. Thank you!


I enjoy having a therapist that is in a similar age range as myself. Having someone who can relate to issues and subjects that our generation faces is helpful, particularly when revealing sensitive personal information. For this reason, I especially recommend Michelle for young adults in the local Denver area."



“Michelle gave a wonderfully insightful consultation. Her studied knowledge in astrology and psychotherapy amplified her intuition to connect with me. I appreciate how she interpreted my birth chart with such respect and detail to my intentions and the celestial bodies. It was reassuring to be seen through this practice by such an empathetic person. I felt empowered through her guidance to focus on areas and themes in my life innate from the placements in my chart. Michelle’s passion for astrology shined brightly.”


“This was my first ever astrology consultation and it changed my perspective of my life in such a positive way. Michelle revealed things to me that I had been intuitively feeling only in my heart space. After her reading I feel like I have such a clear vision of  my life and purpose.”


“My experience with Michelle was magical. Everything she had shared about my birth chart has been on point. I have a lot more clarity with my life path. Thanks to this beautiful soul.”


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